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The professional services firm with a passion for good leadership. Executive coaching, team coaching, leadership programs and change advisory work are our home turf where we create measurable impact for our clients. To us, authenticity means backing up our words with our actions. We stand for clearly defined goals, openness, and transparency. We won’t jump through hoops, and neither will our clients. Our collaboration is based on trust. Just like our clients, we act in keeping with our convictions and values. We do compromise when it serves a higher purpose, but we would never sacrifice our integrity. This is what gives us – and you – the power to succeed.


CoachSource, LLC is the world’s most experienced leadership coaching company. Our clients include many of the world’s best-known corporations, spanning a wide range of industries and business sectors. With local business coaching professionals in major business markets around the world, we provide a truly global solution, able to meet even the most complex leadership coaching challenges wherever the need exists. Our worldwide team of coaches develops highly successful leaders, using programs tailored to fit their objectives as well as those of the organizations they manage. It’s our job to make hiring and managing coaches easy, while providing all the tools to track results with confidence.  



Zest Leaders is an established international consultancy with focus on developing leaders, teams, organizations and businesses to become more effective. The company helps organizations and businesses by increasing the quality of management, developing management teams, creating talent management systems, developing and sometimes creating leaders. An international team of 20 partners and consultants with head office at Saint-Petersburg, Russia, has delivered projects for more than 30 clients in Russia, UK, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Morocco, Serbia, USA and Ukraine.