Executives today are required to deliver continually increasing performance to meet continually growing expectations.

Nonetheless, managers have very few areas – if at all – in their professional and private lives that are exempt from pressures and scrutiny. Finding time and space to escape from the burdens of everyday working life can provide the distance required to reflect on current problems. 

Considerable support and relief can be offered by creating a space that is free from agendas and hierarchies, where reflection, consulting by external experts and an exchange of experiences can take place.

That is why we specialise in external mentoring for the upper management level.
An overview of our services and the facts:

  • Customised mentoring programmes for managers from group environments and SMEs
  • External former top managers advise their clients as mentors in key scenarios in personal performance and career development
  • B&Cie. mentoring offers a confidential platform for mentors and mentees to exchange experiences and networks in both private and professional life, all in a protected framework
  • A top-class selection of mentors, continual further training as well as a regular exchange of experiences between the mentors ensure the success of the mentoring process
  • The managing partners Dr. Schwarz and Pfeiffer have extensive experience in managing large companies, in the field of mentoring and business consulting
  • B&Cie. was founded at the end of 2011