In addition to classic mentoring, which focuses on success relevant business topics of the mentee, Bernotat & Cie. also offers consulting services that focus more on personal development of the client. We rely in this field on internationally experienced coaches with proven and successful track records.

Individual Coaching

The focus of individual coaching is primarily on leadership topics and behavioral patterns. Personal resources, behaviors, performance and leadership style are analyzed in collaboration with the B & Cie. Coach. Taking into account the business context and existing feedback tools (i. e. 360 degrees, MBTI, Hogan), personal goals are defined, their implementation supported by the coach.

The duration of a coaching mandate averages three to six months.

Impact Coaching

Impact Coaching combines the focus of personal development issues with very specific businessrelated issues. One of our top level coaches takes on the lead and is responsible for coaching topics. He is occasionally supported by a mentor with – for the mandate relevant – management background, who is called in for very concrete and current operational or strategic business topics. These may include stakeholder management issues, personal networking strategy, or preparation for critical presentations and leadership meetings. The use of mentors (from the CEO / Supervisory Board perspective) increases the credibility of the feedback and prepares them specifically for improved contact with the Management Board, the Supervisory Board or the public.

The term of an impact coaching mandate is usually six months.