What our clients say

Per Breuer, Global Head of HR, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants GmbH

We have chosen Bernotat and Cie as a partner initially because of the “mentoring” offering, which we use as a development measure for selected Partners. In one example, the candidate had just been appointed a new management role and the mentoring program supported him in the process of taking additional management responsibility and further grow his skills in addressing top C-level clients, growing his board room presence and developing this leadership skills into a true managerial role. Following the first workshop and “mission setting”, Bernotat and Cie and the candidate decided to focus on three aspects: developing authentic leadership style, presenting with gravitas and natural authority, influencing and building relationships at the highest level. Based on Bernotat and Cie’s long standing professional experience and insights, their highly professional coaching techniques and a trustful coaching relation our candidate managed to significantly develop his skills set.


Mika Seitovirta, President und CEO Outokumpu

“We appointed Bernotat & Cie. for a mentoring assignment that can be described as all but a standard case. In a difficult situation one of our top leaders required a sparring partner to both facilitate personal development but also to bridge some capability gaps. The ongoing mentoring as well as very disciplined communication both with myself and the mentee resulted in successful support to implement the “push forward” we required at that point in time. The mentor was distinguished with the highest integrity and strictest confidentiality in handling the matters of the mentee. On the other hand he was extremely proactive to point out possible problems he saw or challenge both the mentee and me if I had a different view. He brought in relevant personal experience and was very much focused on results.”

Dr Werner Brinker, CEO EWE AG

We brought Bernotat & Cie. on board as a mentor for one of our young high potentials. Given the great responsibility he has had in the early stages of his career, we see it as hugely valuable to have input from an experienced external partner for our employees. The collaboration with Bernotat & Cie. has more than exceeded our expectations: the experience of a former DAX CEO has helped the mentee to see complex business issues from various angles. During the intensive and very open discussions, he was shown how he could react to events in various different ways. Another important topic was the honing of his social skills. The B&Cie. mentor was thus able to support our management in covering the essential points on the agenda with regard to “Leadership and Communication”. There are some mistakes that you don’t have to make yourself in order to learn from them. I heartily recommend the B&Cie. mentoring programme, in particular to all managers who are about to make the jump to a management position where they bear sole responsibility.”

Dr. Rebecca Harding, CEO Delta Economics

“I approached Bernotat & Cie for advice when I was looking to scale up my business by developing into data supply and analytics from a consulting base.  Bernotat and Cie explored all the potential options with me, not just from a business development point of view but also from the perspective of managing key stakeholders and engaging key members of the team.  They immediately understood the business opportunity that the shift in emphasis would bring and guided me through the process with intellect, professionalism and humour that was both inspiring and challenging. During the mentoring every thought process and every strategy that I articulated was constructively challenged in a way that made me address the core questions at hand with logic and clarity.  They suggested approaches based on their experience which made the sessions feel like a peer-to-peer debate from which we were all learning.  This one fact built my confidence: at no time did I feel like there was a subject that was too trivial or, indeed, out of the range of experiences that they had had. Delta Economics is now on a rapid growth path and this is due in no small part to the relationship that I have developed with Bernotat and Cie.”


Stefan Butz, Group Executive Vice President, Intertek Group plc.

“The collaboration with Bernotat & Cie. not only met my expectations but also far exceeded them: they provided professional mentoring of the highest level. Exchanging experiences with a mentor who has lived through leadership and management challenges as the CEO of a large group was incredibly useful for me and something that classic coaching sessions couldn’t have done. My mentor quickly built up an in-depth profile of my personality, business environment and specific situation. The career-related aspect of the mentoring was not only highly professional, but also very realistic and target-oriented. As a person, I found my mentor to be an excellent, down-to-earth listener who was prepared to open up on a personal level. Based on the constructive and trusting atmosphere we created together, I even received the effective feedback and coaching on personality, behaviour patterns and private issues I asked for. I will continue to maintain the excellent relationship I have with my mentor in the future.”