Mentoring process

Bernotat & Cie. offers a unique form of external mentoring

We focus on creating a totally confidential space for our mentees, with no agenda or hierarchy, where they can work together with our mentors to explore and address personal and professional topics. An important element in our mentoring programme includes transferring personal and professional expertise, discussing relevant business strategies and providing contacts for networking.
This means that the mentor and mentee define and prioritise the specific goals, content and methods of the mentoring mandate together. This is done within a working relationship characterised by openness, loyalty and confidentiality.
Throughout all stages of the process, it is our aim to achieve clearly measurable results for the manager and their company. 

Impact Coaching
Impact Coaching combines two focus areas: personal development in conjunction with very specific business related topics. One of our top level coaches takes on the lead and is responsible for the coaching process. The coach is occasionally supported by a mentor with senior executive background relevant to the mentee, who is called in for very concrete and current operational or strategic business topics. These may include stakeholder management issues, personal networking strategy, or preparation for critical presentations and leadership meetings. The use of mentors (from the CEO / Supervisory Board perspective) increases the credibility of the feedback and prepares them specifically for improved contact with the Management Board, the Supervisory Board or the public.

The term of an impact coaching mandate is usually six months.