Mentoring – Goals
“The disadvantage of intelligence is that one is forced to continuously learn.” (Bernhard Shaw) 

Mentoring supports leaders to realize their operative targets. The mentor will act as sparring partner, questioning business topics, offering a second opinion based on his or her experience and knowledge of an industry, sector and function. In most cases, mentor and mentee co-develop new or alternative approaches, thereby widening the range of behaviors, addressing the “how” as well as the “what” enables a desired change.   

Goals of person to person (PtoP) mentoring

Support of the mentee to achieve targets set either by him- or herself or by the organization.

In concrete terms, this means analyzing the current situation and the resulting challenges, and jointly defining concrete targets for the mentoring assignment. These range from strategic questions to the expansion of leadership interaction. Last not least, legal obligations in executive board or supervisory board functions can be subject of mentoring. 

The mentoring is future-oriented. Based on the agenda of the mentee, upcoming events and challenges represent the starting point for the mentoring process. Mentor and mentee prepare for specific situations, discussions and argumentation. This way the mentoring put mentee time to most efficient use.

Goals of BtoB mentoring

  • Individual mentorings aligned with company strategy
  • Alignment across silos
  • Feedback to CEO/ board on structural optimization potential 

The mentoring of several mentees at the same time is specifically useful when an organization faces major strategic or structural challenges. Typically, these are change processes, IPOs, PMIs, severe changes in the market environment or restructurings. In addition to PtoP mentoring, the regular, and for Mentees also transparent discussion with the CEO/ board ensures that mentors understand the current market and internal situation and thus also can be strategic “challengers”. In addition, the sanitized feedback of the mentors can provide the CEO/ board with concrete input for optimization. 

A structured project management in close cooperation with the company-internal sponsors ensures a smooth organization.