Typical situations

In which situation does mentoring support?
„What Got You Here Won‘t Get You There“ (Marshall Goldsmith)

We offer mentoring in two very different settings. The classical approach is a one-on-one mentoring (PtoP). A mentor supports the mentee, for example in preparation for new operative challenges.

In the second setting (BtoB), we support the CEO/board to increase pace and traction achieving a desired change, change of strategy, cultural change or integration by providing mentoring of entire cohorts (management levels). Several mentors work in parallel with an entire management level (C-1, C-2). Regular interfaces with the CEO/board ensure a close calibration with the company’s reality and prompt adaptation to ongoing changes in the market as well as internal developments.

Person to person (PtoP):


  • External hire of CEO/ member of the board
  • Development to board level
  • Preparation of candidates for management or executive level
  • Personal development
  • Unleashing full potential
  • Leadership after restructuring
  • Leadership in a new cultural environment
  • New allocation of responsibilities within a board


Mentoring of management levels in a project (BtoB) 


  • Leadership in PMI situations
  • Support of change processes
  • Merge of different corporate cultures and dynamics
  • Preparation for board functions with changing responsibilities
  • Implementation of strategies
  • Implementation of restructuring measures